Android 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich Review

26 Aug, 2012 in Tech by admin
I am a grandfathered Verizon user. Making the transition to the company in 2007 allowed me to purchase my unlimited data plan and continue to upgrade with this benefit to different models. My most recent upgrade the day before Verizon made the decision to do away with their reward for being loyal program, I chose the newest Motorola Razr Maxx. In this upgrade, I now benefit from this device. These devices were one of the first to receive the Android 4.0 update push. There are certainly some great advantages to this upgrade that take away some annoyances that I had on my Motorola Droid X.

One major change that I love is not regretting hitting the “home” key too much to where it popped out and allowed me to reorganize screens.
Another change that I’m not exactly fond on is the fact that I now need to scroll between screens horizontally inside of my applications menu. Although I can see the usability design aspect when first getting used to this menu, once I learn where all of my apps are located inside of my menu, I want to get to them more quickly. I enjoyed previously being able to scroll by performing one long stroke to get to the end of the menu. In the next build, I think that this setting should be adjustable to allow the user to scroll at their own speed.

Another aspect of 4.0 that I don’t like is that my widgets don’t function as easy. For instance, I like to toggle my wifi. While at work, I like to use the company’s signal and use data at home. In adding a widget to a home screen, it no longer allows you to simply click on that widget to turn the feature on or off. Instead, it makes you launch the widget, acting more like a shortcut and forcing you to toggle the power through that way. I may just be missing something, but this so far is frustrating.

All-in-all, the design and a lot of the aspects of ICS 4.0 have made upgrading certainly worth it. The camera both on the razr maxx and 4.0 have made it my main device for point and shoot. Panoramic ability recording is amazing.

Now to focus also a little on the Razr Maxx, a major feature of this device happens to be the first sign of NFC (Near Field Communication) is “Smart Actions.” NFC is and will change how we communicate wirelessly. The Smart Actions allow you to setup different actions for your phone to perform when you enter a certain GPS Radius. I had to admit, this is completely amazing! I can tell that the Motorola GPS in my current device has been upgraded to be more accurate. My main use of Smart Actions is to detect when I get to my work parking lot. I have an action set to instantly text my wife that I made it safely and to launch foursquare to that I can successfully maintain my mayorship at my competitive sports network.

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