2013 WWDC Review

Last week’s World Wide Developers Conference announced some of the largest changes to Apple since the passing of Steve Jobs. Apple seemed to have taken well over a year to mourn Jobs. 2013 has now been a step in the right direction.

Apple continues to be at the forefront of Mobile. Not just the small devices that we carry in our pockets, but the fact that we take and want to take our computers with us everywhere. It has been said for several years that desktop computers will not last. The fact of that is however, that desktop computers still out perform laptops and mobile devices. At this year’s WWDC, Apple announced their release in the Fall of 2013 their updated Desktop Tower, the Mac Pro.


The majority of people state that it looks like a miniature trash can that you might have sitting next to your desk, the fact of the matter is that it still will perform extremely well over other devices.  We here at Artemis IT Design work daily with broadcast professionals.  We ourselves design for broadcast and other various screens.  The render performance of a tower over a laptop is by far faster.  Occasionally, our friends travel to professional sporting events to provide support and they will pack and ship their giant towers to have the performance that is required in a fast-paced working environment.  You never really know what a deadline is until you work in broadcasting and have multiple daily newscasts.   We’re not going to list all of the specs for the next Mac Pro as you can check them out yourselves via Apple’s Website, but we are excited to see a tower that still performs and brings a powerful punch and is much easier to travel with.

icon-ios7     Our Mobile developers & designers here at Artemis IT Design have given a short breakdown of the next OS that will also launch this Fall, iOS 7.  Many of the reviews out there complain about the new O.S., but we are really excited about this.  It is about time that Apple takes advantage of the full screen.  The phone itself has had physical borders, so there has been no real need for them on the digital scale.

We have certainly seen some similarities between this roll-out and Androids existing O.S.  Apple continues to design clean and innovative products.  People spend no more than two minutes checking out a new app, so by continuing to evaluate the User Experience and how to make a better experience for everyone, Apple has done plenty of research in this complete overhaul.  We talk more about the UX Design aspects in our next blog post – UX a major factor for Apple.
iOS 7 Human Interface Guidelines – Click Here

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