Verizon’s Samsung Omnia GPS & Google Latitude

I became a fan of Google Latitude when it first launched, but just recently became eager to use it. Downloading the program and such directly to my phone was easy, as was finding some co-workers, friends, & most importantly family; however, I wasn’t able to update my location. I noticed that many users who seem to use it connect via a Data call, but with it being exactly one month since Verizon unlocked the GPS capability, I wanted to go in and check. This is pretty simple to fix, but you may also need to install the ‘CF03 Samsung Update‘ if you don’t already have a flashed phone or aren’t a computer geek.

In order to get your Omnia working working with the GPS service you need to make sure that these things are fixed/set:

Go into the Settings of the phone, either by the Windows logo at the top left of the screen, or inside of the Phone’s Menu. Making sure that you’re in the ‘Personal’ tab at the bottom, select the Blue Icon labeled ‘Phone.’ Minimize the on-screen keyboard and at the bottom it should load to the default tab ‘Phone,’ but you want to click on ‘Services.’ Inside of this menu there should be an Option titled ‘GPS’ Select ‘GPS’ (it will highlight in blue) and click ‘Change Setting’ The Radio Buttom should be on ’911 Only’ and you want to select ‘Location On’ If this doesn’t work for you, then you have some other things on your phone that I don’t.

Opening Google Latitude (Called Google Maps on the Omnia) You want your Privacy Settings set to ‘Detect your location’ With the list closed and just viewing the map, you need to click on the ‘Menu’ at the bottom right and go to ‘Options’ > ‘GPS Settings’ > and the radio button should be on ‘Managed by Windows’ I use COM0 and 4800, but if this doesn’t work then you can try other Communication Ports. After that is set, select ‘Use GPS’ from the Menu (it’ll put a “check” there to confirm). The phone should then Automatically start looking for Satellites. I live in a House in Denver and just set it next to the window. If you think you’ll have better luck, go outside, but that may not make much of a difference.

**If it doesn’t automatically start detecting your settings and you have that feature to manually detect then click the ‘Blue Box with a Dot in the middle’ Icon and it should then work. Manually detecting may help with Battery life, but Smart Phones it all comes down to personal preference and today’s hot topic of Privacy.

This blog was first written on 8/17/09