Android FROYO 2.2.1 Review

I’ve been surfing on my Droid X since its launch this summer. There has been two updates that I can remember, most recently rolling out 2.2.1. The newest update has greatly increase the phone’s performance and has helped with battery issues…all though I still found myself asking for five different chargers on this years Christmas list

While working towards my retirement, (aka….working at the only company that’s giving a matching 401k [comcast]) I spent a decent amount of time this Fall inside of a satellite uplink facility watching college football. The building is known for having some of the best coordinates in the world, however, I found the prison that I work in to greatly hinder the performance of my phone. Verizon is still the strongest competitor inside of the building, but I kept finding myself looking for the closest outlet to charge up. With the 2.2.1 update, I spent about 20 hours inside of this building last week and I can honestly tell a difference. When the phone has previously just been sitting searching for a better signal while I’m sitting there texting and securing my other retirement plan (aka, facebooking), I found myself being able to sit during downtime and not worry about missing important e-mails for hopes of a future.

Being an avid picture taker, I have also found that the update has helped with the response of the camera application’s loading. I can have the program launched and imaged captured within five minutes or less.

One of the major issues that has still not been corrected is the ability to fully manage my contacts. I love having a phone that automatically links to all of my social networks, but this is also a downfall. When I have other a thousand friends on facebook, their contact profile on the phone is locked and defaults to that number and this forces me to have to unlink contacts, creating multiple cards and confuse my voice search when I’m driving down the road. Once this error is fixed, I think the system should be ready to roll out honeycomb at CES, as this will be a big issue on the quick roll-out of tablets.