Google+ growth

Google continues their growth of their social media platform, Google+. Google owns so many products that we use everyday and they are now starting to roll all of these into one application. Google recently announced that their would discontinue their feature called Latitude. A lot of people are not familiar with Google Latitude, but it is a great feature for tracking phones. This feature will go dark on August 9th, however, it is being replaced by Google+’s location sharing feature. The Google+ feature allows for sharing with assigned circles, which is key features for those that are geographically challenged. The usability for this feature is easily accessible inside of the multiple Google+ applications and the activation process is in fact easier than previously designed by Latitude.

One thing that we would like to see incorporated into Google+ is through their recent retirement of Google Reader. Their great blog reading RSS feed reader could easily be rolled into social media features. We haven’t heard of any feature as of yet, but I’m sure that it’s not far behind.

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