Google location tracking returns

Google recently released their location tracking feature as part of Google Maps. This feature is much like Google Latitude that had previously been shelved. Location sharing seemed to show up on multiple mobile devices on Wednesday, March 29th. Individuals were mainly limited to Google Plus for location tracking and Google Latitude prior to that. The quick addition of desktop location sharing also allows for an additional great feature. We are Artemis IT has noticed a slower to update iOS version of the tracking, but android devices are fast as always.

Located inside of the hamburger menu, users can access these settings by choosing “Location Sharing” and then setup who they want to share their constant location with.

Google Maps Location Sharing

Google Maps Location Sharing Denver Area











One neat feature that Google has added is that if you are heading to meet friends that you don’t regularly share you location with, you can do so as long as they are in your contacts. In the normal navigation menu, there is an area at the bottom to pop up a menu. At the top of that menu is a way to temporarily share location for the duration of that trip. See image below:

Google Maps Share Trip Status